Five Fridges Farm

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11100 West 38th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80211
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Five Fridges Farm was originally known as Red Wing Ranch. Earnestine and Walt Williams owned this acreage from the 1930’s to the mid 1990’s and raised steer, hogs, chickens, and later goats. After surviving her husband and seeing the encroaching development around the farm, Earnestine wanted to save the land for agricultural use and was able to do that through a conservation easement. Before her death, these 13 acres became the Williams Wildlife Preserve, monitored by Colorado Open Lands, but owned privately. Amanda Weaver bought the land from Louise Turner, a long-time Wheat Ridge resident and farm neighbor. Louise has raised generations of milk goats on the farm from the Earnestine’s original herd. Amanda is an urban agricultural researcher and instructor of geography at UCDenver who started working with Louise and her goats in early 2010. She is currently living in the renovated farm home and adopted the new name after being warned that milking and milk goats "require a lot of refrigeration" as refrigerators of all ages and sizes were removed from the house during the renovation. Since Earnestine's time at the farm, city has grown up around it, creating a truly unique opportunity for "urban agriculture." There is a pond, a year-round creek, and fields with beautiful views of the mountains. Earnestine called it her "heaven on earth." We couldn't agree more. There is healthy space for animals to graze, plants to grow, water to run, and wildlife to roam and fly. The farm is also surrounded on all sides by apartments, duplexes, condos, single family housing, and a school. While we manage the rural issues of agricultural ditch water, invasive weeds, grazing, fencing, other animal management, we also have to deal with issues of urban infrastructure such as storm water, sewage, utilities, zoning restrictions, and trespassing across the the entire property. A portion of the farm is leased by Clear Creek Organics, which grows fruits and vegetables on 1.5 acres (see www.clearcreekorganics for more information).


Item Currently Available Quantity Sold By Shipping? Organic Retail Availability
Eggs Yes icon No icon Yes icon See website
Honey Yes icon No icon No icon See website
Seasonal vegetables (from Clear Creek Organics) Yes icon No icon Yes icon See website
Seasonal herbs (from Clear Creek Organics) Yes icon No icon Yes icon See website
Seasonal fruit (from Clear Creek Organics) Yes icon No icon Yes icon See website
Goat dairy shares Yes icon No icon No icon See website
All-natural soaps and lotions Yes icon No icon No icon See website
Garden manure Yes icon No icon No icon See website
Bees No icon No icon No icon See website


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